Wipolo Blackberry - Application Mobile marketing mobile stratégie digitale Wipolo relied on Playsoft Agency for the development of its Android and BlackBerry app, for both the general public and a B2B usage. All your travel information while being mobile: centralize your information, optimize your time…. Enjoy with no troubles your travel!


Offer an app that facilitates the management of travels and its sharing with friends or colleagues.

Our response

Centralization of all the travel information with a simple forwarding of email both ONLINE and OFFLINE, coupled with an automatic synchronization of Wipolo with all your agendas. Access to all the travel news (destinations, routes, weather forecasts, currencies…) Find your friends on Wipolo and discover their destinations. Consultation of flight or train statuses in real time, access to the list of alternative trains/flights, hotel booking, consultation of weather forecasts and currency converter, all that’s needed to travel serenely! Access to all the travels, modify them and share them directly on www.wipolo.com.

Monday 8 August 2012
Monday 8 August 2012