The RMC app allows you to listen – and listen again – to all the programs: – Bourdin&Co – Les Grandes Gueules – Lahaie, l’amour et vous – Luis Attaque – Moscato Show, and finding easily the frequency of the place where the listeners are located.


Offer to the listeners the access to RMC wherever they are. Extend the availability of the app to mobile users with Windows Phone 7.

Our response

It is possible to listen – and listen again – to all the shows via streaming or download thanks to the podcasts. A geo-location functionality allows the user to find the closest frequency. RMC is also an opinion radio! The app allows the user to choose the news that should be on the front page, but also to take part live in all the programs. It also offers Push, Games, Facebook and Twitter alerts.

Windows Phone
Monday 8 August 2012
Monday 8 August 2012