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Oasis and its agency Publicis Net rely on Playsoft Agency for the developing of the advergame “La chuuute!” on iPhone and Android. Raise your fruits to the top of the waterfall, and they will sweat pulp to reach the objective.


Promote the brand Oasis and get familiar with its characters though a gaming app.

Our response

A complete immersion into the universe of Oasis with the possibility of choosing your fruit : Mangue Debol, Ramon Tafraise, Frambourgeoise, Alan Anas, Cebô Lamûre, Orange Presslé, Jude Citron, Eva Lapêche et Onsfan Lapoire. Your objective is to bring the fruit at the top of the waterfall. But beware of the fruit-eating plants and the various obstacles put in your way to make you fall! Don’t let them turn you into fruit compote, and hurry to the top! Each second counts, and each move can make you topple over into the depth of the waterfall!

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Wednesday 8 August 2012
Wednesday 8 August 2012