Zéro Tracas has been the first assistance and prevention app on mobile.


Reduce the risks of car accidents and allow the MMA clients to access their auto-insurance information.

Our response

Zérotracas offers to test one’s blood alcohol level before taking the road. The user just has to indicate his consumption and his profile, and blow on the microphone of the iPhone to get an estimation of his blood alcohol level (the estimation is indicative and cannot be substituted for a control by the law enforcement authorities). You’re positive? Zérotracas offers you different solutions: call a friend to take you home, be alerted when you can drive again and choose a sober driver. The app also allows the user to designate the “Capitaine de soirée”, the person who will not drink; the user just has to choose a color and shake the iPhone to discover the color that designates the Capitaine de soirée.  For the MMA clients, the functionality “SOS MMA” allows accessing permanently their “auto-insurance” information

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Wednesday 8 August 2012
Wednesday 8 August 2012