Welcome to your Magnificat App!Presented in a day-by-day format, the MAGNIFICAT App includes: morning, evening, and night prayers, readings and prayers of each daily Mass; daily meditations and essays on the lives of the saints from yesterday and today.


The App is free for subscribers to the printed version of the French edition. Otherwise, it is free from the day you install the App, until the end of the month, and then buy each month for €1.59. In addition, through the Calendar menu you can find: a monthly editorial, several articles and you can buy current and future month.


Today, Magnificat’s goal is to accompany those who wish to pray every day and be familiar at the same time with the modern communication platforms. The app exists in Frecnh, Spanish and English. Founded in France in 1992, the journal Magnificat has become a worldwide phenomenon. Liturgical source: l’Association épiscopale liturgique pour les pays francophones. (liturgical episcopal association for French-speaking countries)

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Wednesday 8 August 2012
Wednesday 8 August 2012