Casterman relied on Playsoft Agency’s expertise for the creation of an iPhone and iPad app of the best seller Emilie! The app “JOUE AVEC EMILIE”, educative and fun, will allow the children from 2 to 5 to push the boundaries of paper with Emilie, their favorite character. The app is an animated and interactive book with several little games and a tailor-made musical atmosphere.


Offer a fun and educative app for the children from 2 to 5. Make Emilie known on new platforms to take her anywhere and share family games moments.

Our response

The app offers two possibilities: a story with scattered surprises that are launched when the child touches the screen. Little bonus: the parents can record their own voices in the story. – 5 different game modules: 2 puzzles, 2 memory games: card associations with pairs. 2 sticker games: decoration of a landscape with the many vignettes offered. Let the imagination go freely… > 2 games of the differences > 5 tactile colorings: choose the color and the pen to give Emilie, Stéphane, Elise and of course Arthur, their shades back. Save and then send your work of art.

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Wednesday 8 August 2012
Monday 8 August 2012