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About us

Conquer the mobile world!

We design your mobile strategy in accordance with your digital marketing strategy!

Today, mobile is social, social is mobile, those two dimensions are extremely connected. Mobile and social media projects have common issues. The success of a mobile application lies in its viral and social potential. We help you define your mobile and Facebook strategies consistent with your digital marketing strategy. Playsoft Agency builds your mobile & social success!


You need help to define your mobile strategy: mobile website, mobile application, freemium, sponsoring, paid application…? Our technical and digital marketing experts will guide you step-by-step. Mobile has its own use and navigation characteristics, it has to be integrated in a whole digital plan.

Playsoft Agency developed mobile apps among the most downloaded on the several stores. The mobile ergonomics is specific; forget all that you have learned from the web! The right integration of various factors such as screen size, tactile navigation, content structure, menu ergonomics, simply conditions the success of the application!

We build your presence on every platform. We conceive and develop your applications for smartphones (iOS, Android, Bada, Windows Phone, Rim…), tablets, and mobile websites.

Our conception and realization know-how were recently rewarded: we won the “Mobile Internet Trophy Orange Journal du Net” for the best Cross Platform Media Application for our work on the Figaro’s apps (iOS, Android, WP7, Nokia, Bada, WebOS).


Social networks have opened a new dimension in the brands’ communication: cooperation and dialog with consumers. Our ultra-connected team helps you choosing the right tools to build your community and gain its loyalty.

What we do:

  • Editorial strategy
  • Custom page creation
  • Application development
  • Community Management
  • Moderation
  • Facebook Ads
  • Social Plug-in
  • Facebook Connect


The 4 keys to your mobile and social success:


You want to implement a mobile campaign and maximize your ROI, we help you:

  • Maximizing your application’s revenue
  • Defining the price
  • Applications’ sponsoring
  • Advertising


Playsoft Agency has the tools to help you increasing the traffic, the number of downloads, target contacts etc.


Most applications are deleted only one day after their download, it is extremely important to think, right from the beginning of the project, about loyalty leverage such as ergonomics, push, or attractive content.


Who are the people downloading your application? When do they download? How much time do they spend on you application?

Answering these questions will help you adjust you mobile campaign.

Let’s speak about your mobile strategy  !
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